Michael Blake – Taxation Specialist


Your assets, your objectives, your family, your businesses, and your wills, to make sure that you know what inheritance tax will be due when you and your partner die and what can be done during your lifetime to reduce or eliminate the tax bill.


In relation to all tax issues that arise from the sale, development or use of land, in particular inheritance tax and capital gains tax as they affect sales and part disposals of land, minerals, buildings, compulsory purchase, compensation issues, separation, divorce and death.


Clients in dispute with the HM Revenue and Customs, at meetings with the HM Revenue and Customs, and in appeals heard by the First Tier Tax Tribunal.


Accountants, Solicitors and their clients by solving difficult technical issues and finding a way through increasingly complex income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax rules.


What can be done to reduce the tax burden during lifetime and on death.